Our Code of Ethical Responsibility

Our Code of Ethical Responsibility is our statement of the principles we believe in.

Respect for the Law

The company will respect the law in the countries and in the legal jurisdictions where it operates.

Honest and Ethical Business Conduct

The company will conduct its business in an honest, fair and ethical manner. This applies to its interaction with all those affected directly and indirectly by the company’s activities.

Fairness to Employees

The company will treat its employees honestly, fairly and with respect and courtesy.

No Tolerance for Harassment

The company is committed to providing a workplace free of bullying and harassment, whether sexual harassment or any other type of abuse. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.

Harassment may involve conduct of a sexual nature (sexual harassment). This can include any unwanted physical (e.g. touching), verbal (e.g. sexual remarks or propositions, suggesting the submission to or rejection of sexual advances will influence employment related decisions) or non-verbal conduct (e.g. unwelcome sexual advances or the display of pornographic or obscene material). The company will investigate any claims of harassment or abuse and will take remedial measures if necessary.

Equal Opportunites

The company will provide equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability national origin, marital status or any other characteristic which is protected by the laws and regulations to which we are subject.

A Safe Workplace

The company will maintain a safe workplace. All relevant health, safety, environmental and labour laws will be observed.

Employee Privacy

The company will respect the privacy and confidentiality of employees' personal information, acquiring and retaining only the data which is necessary for the effective operation of the company or for legal purposes.

Customer Data

Customer data will be employed correctly. The company will treat and use customer data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and with accepted business practices.

No Tolerance for Corruption

Bribery, kickbacks and corrupt practices will not be tolerated on any level.

Contribution to the Community

We will strive to make a positive contribution to the markets and communities which we serve.

Intern Policy

The policy of treating employees honestly and fairly, and in a respectful and courteous manner, applies also to interns. Working conditions and compensation for interns must conform to the laws and regulations of the country or community where they are interning.